Corporate Ticketing

Corporate Ticketing

Corporate Ticketing

For many companies around the world, managing their corporate travel has become a daunting challenge. Travel is often their second largest expense and most often their largest financial concern. This is why at WorldTravellers, we provide you with a host of solutions which are designed to simplify your travel plans and arrangements.
Corporate Travel Compliance

Corporate Travel Compliance

WorldTravellers ensures that your travel guidelines and protocols are adhered to the best interest of your organisation. Each arrangement is planned based on your available budget, employee satisfaction,  report and analysis.

  • Visa application 
  • Airport transportation 
  • Airline tickets 
  • Hotel booking
Personalised Services

Personalised Services

Each traveller is unique and has different needs and wants. Get personalised arrangements that is designed to make your trip as comfortable as it’s memorable.

  • Travel advisor
  • Airline seat preference
  • Airline meal preference
  • Accommodation preference
  • Schedule preference
One Call for All

One Call for All

It is always best to be completely prepared before your flight. However, if your plans suddenly change, with a single call, we will make the necessary arrangement to reschedule your accommodation and logistics.

  • Crisis management
  • Travel documentation delivery
  • Changes of travel date
  • Rearrange transportation
  • Rearrange hotel booking

Management Reporting

Management Reporting

Get a thorough report and assessment of your company’s travels, including feedback on how your company's trip can be improved  in the future.

  • Expenditure tracking
  • Report and analysis
  • Feedback

Other Value-added Services

Other Value-added Services

  • Dedicated direct line for high-volume customers
  • Travel insurance
  • Delivery of travel documents
  • Travel vouchers
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